Political Risk Analysis - Q&A On Myanmar's Recent Political Situation - JAN 2018

BMI View: We have received a number of questions about the implications of the Rohingya issue on Myanmar ' s domestic politics and foreign relations as well as the impact it may have on the economy. Below is a selection of questions and answers related to this issue.

Q: Is there a probability that the EU and US will resume economic sanctions because of the Rohingya issue?

A: We cannot rule out the possibility that the US and the EU will resume economic sanctions on Myanmar in response to the Rohingya issue. However, we believe that these sanctions are likely to be targeted against the military and are unlikely to be as far reaching as previous sanctions were. Instead, it is likely that sanctions could take the form of a US arms embargo, with the EU currently having an arms embargo against Myanmar until 30 April 2018. Sanctions could also take the form of a reduction in military training aid or curbs on specific economic sectors where the military is known to have a strong presence, such as in the mining of precious stones.

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