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Key stories from this month's issue...

Economic Analysis - Mini Construction Boom Set To Slow - JAN 2015

Australasia & South Pacific November 2014 / Australia / Economy

In the face of a stagnating manufacturing sector and renewed weakness in service sector activity, Australia's construction industry has been a bright spot in the economy this year, but growth looks set to slow over the coming quarters. Meanwhile, the sharp increase in residential property prices has reduced affordability and raised the potential for a negative price shock, posing a risk to residential property construction, as well as the broader economy.


Risk Summary - China - JAN 2015

China & North East Asia November 2014 / China / Economy

Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed a broad assistance package to island nations in the Pacific Ocean at a summit in Fiji during the week ending November 22, according to reports. Also, the president has considered cooperating with six island states that have not been invited to the summit due to their ties to Taiwan. China has aggressively sought to increase ties with Pacific Island nations ranging from Papua New Guinea to Fiji to Kiribati, extending significant amounts of credit across the region in order to assist with infrastructure development. Its increasing focus on the region suggests a broader strategic push to forge a deeper relationship with regional governments.


Risk Summary - Pakistan - DEC 2014

South Asia October 2014 / Pakistan / Economy

Tehran and Islamabad have summoned each others' envoys after reports of gunfights and incursions across the border. On Oct. 17, Pakistani officials claimed that 30 Iranian guards in six vehicles started shooting at a vehicle carrying members of the Pakistani Frontier Corps, two miles inside Pakistan's border. Iran and Pakistan have increasingly become more hostile toward each other due to strategic and sectarian tensions, and recent skirmishes will further complicate regional security issues.


Risk Summary - Vietnam - DEC 2014

South East Asia Vol 1 October 2014 / Vietnam / Political Risk

We expect Vietnam to continue fostering strong political and economic ties with Europe, with several high level delegation meetings between both parties expected over the coming years. Following the recent official visit by EU High Representative Catherine Ashton and European Commission President Manuel Barroso to Vietnam, Vietnam's Prime Minister has recently made a visit to Europe, with the Europe-Vietnam free trade agreement high on the agenda.


Risk Summary - Singapore - JAN 2015

South East Asia Vol 2 November 2014 / Singapore / Political Risk

Police called the Return our Central Provident Fund (CPF) Rally's organisers and a few participants on October 10 at the Police Cantonment Complex for questioning. Public discontent regarding Singapore's CPF retirement savings scheme has grown along with wider political dissent over recent years, but support for such protests remains limited, and there is very little chance of more wide-scale social discord. We do not expect significant changes to the system in the near future, although the government has announced a set of new measures to increase access to funds for qualifying elderly citizens.